Our Story

NamaStay Sober represents a beacon of hope and healing for those on the path to recovery. Born out of the profound journey of our Founder, Nicoletta "Nico" Longo, NamaStay Sober isn't just an organization—it's a lifeline, a testament to the power of resilience and connection.


"Fuelled by grief, but driven by a profound purpose, Nico orchestrated a fundraiser in Brandon's memory that transcended into something extraordinary."

Nico's personal story, marked by loss and tenacity, became the catalyst for NamaStay Sober. In 2015, the devastating grip of opiate addiction claimed the life of her dear friend, Brandon.

Fuelled by grief, but driven by a profound purpose, Nico orchestrated a fundraiser in Brandon's memory that transcended into something extraordinary.

From that single event, Nico’s efforts provided five one-year yoga studio scholarships for individuals in recovery. The impact was tangible, with four out of the five recipients maintaining sobriety, and two blossoming into yoga teachers. It was a revelation—a testament to the pivotal role that physical fitness, mindfulness, and community could play in the arduous recovery journey.

Nico's vision unfolded, giving birth to NamaStay Sober—a space where sobriety, physical activity, and community intersect to create a holistic environment for healing. What started with a passionate team of 9

volunteer board members, each touched by their own narratives of experience or loss to addiction, burgeoned into a movement.

Soon the organization joined forces with the local yoga and fitness studios, united by a commitment to community, connection, and inclusivity. Together, the partnerships dismantled financial barriers, offering discounted memberships and scholarships to make these offerings accessible to all on the road to recovery.

The heart of our success lies in the dedication of our team, the benevolence of our studio partners, the selflessness of our volunteers, and the strength of our community bonds. NamaStay Sober is not merely an organization; it's a symphony of shared purpose and collective effort.

As we press forward, Brandon's memory is not lost but immortalized in every life touched by NamaStay Sober. Join us in extending a hand of hope to those navigating the treacherous journey from addiction to recovery. Together, we forge a path towards brighter tomorrows.

We are always stronger together

All of our fundraisers and donations help support the recovery community by making otherwise cost-prohibitive memberships more affordable. We work with teachers in recovery and partner studios within the member’s own community to help build relationships, accountability and make it easier to show up.

In our first year, we funded 5 memberships and at the end of that year, 4 of our members maintained their sobriety and 2 of our members went on to become yoga teachers and are actively giving back to the communities they live in.

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