The Sobruary Challenge


Join the Sobruary Challenge

The Sobruary Challenge is a FREE month-long community experience designed to reconnect you with yourself and show solidarity for those navigating recovery.

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Step One:

Stay sober from drugs and alcohol for February *or as much of it as you can.

Step Two:

Add a practice that reconnects you with your mind, body and community.

  • Practices include: meditation, yoga, reading, journaling, cooking, or any mindful activity

Step Three:

Get connected. Sign up and receive wellness perks and access to in-person and online events to support your Sobruary journey.

  • Free 30-day access to FitMind Meditation App

  • Free 30-day access to on-demand virtual yoga with SOMA Yoga Center

  • Discount code for wellness company, CocoBeet

  • Weekly check-in Monday night community conversations

  • Kick-Off, Mid-month & Wrap-Up Events

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Through connection,
we can overcome
addiction together.

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